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Matching instruments-connections

The same instrument in different trading systems can be called differently. It is possible to match the instrument and the connections through which this instrument will be traded, and specify how it is identified in the external trading system. This is useful when trading with one instrument on different trading platforms or through different connections (or brokers). Also, it makes it possible to get data from one connection and make trades through another connection.

You can match instruments and connections by clicking the Instruments and Connections button on the Instruments panel.

Designer Security mapping 01

In the appeared window, clicking the Designer Creation tool 00 button, a new line will be added. It is necessary to select the connection in the Connection column from the drop-down list. Specify the instrument code and platform code in the Instrument code and Platform code columns. You have to specify the instrument code and platform code as specified in the external trading system in the columns Instrument code in the adapter and Platform code in the adapter.