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The main process of working on the design of strategy and composite elements is in the Schemas panel, by combining cubes and connecting lines. The Schemas panel consists of panels: Palette, Designer, Properties.

Designer Designer schemes strategies and component elements 00

The Palette panel contains the cubes from which the strategy is created. All the elements in the palette are divided into categories, which are described in the Elements section. To add a cube to the Designer panel, just right-click on the required cube and, holding the mouse button, move it to the Designer panel. After that the element will be automatically selected and its parameters will be displayed in the window to edit the cube properties.

The entire process of creating a strategy is performed in the Designer panel by combining cubes and connections (lines). At that, the strategy diagram is presented visually. For details on creating a strategy, see First strategy.

The Properties panel displays the parameters of the cube selected in the Designer panel. When you select a cube in the Designer panel, the frame around it is painted black.

Designer The Properties Panel 00

All cubes contain a set of predefined properties:

  • Name – the name of the element that is displayed in the designer.

  • Logging level – the logging level for this element.

  • Parameters – to display the element parameters in elements of a higher level.

  • Sockets – to display the element sockets in elements of a higher level.

Details about the properties of each cube are described in the Elements section.

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