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Candle generation

S#.Data allows to generate the candles on the basis of the downloaded trades. Later these candles can be exported to the following formats: Excel, xml, sql, bin or txt (see below).

Then this allows to use the data in any technical analysis programs (WealthLab, AmiBroker etc.).

Candles generation

  1. On the Common tab, click the Candles button, the following window will open:

    hydra candles main
  2. Further it is necessary:

    • Select from the drop-down list the needed candle type (all standard candles are supported)

    • Select in the Generate from: field: from what the candles will be generated (it allows to generate candles from the best bid, ask, spread, trades or one-minute candles)

    • Select the instrument and click the hydra find button

    After that the candles generation will be performed on the basis of found data. For example, for the candles of the TimeFrameCandle type the following will be generated: TimeFrameCandle type the following will be generated:

    hydra candles tf

    And for the candles of the VolumeCandle type will be generated:

    hydra candles volume
    Note Note

    If in Generate from: choose not to generate, then the finished candles that were downloaded through the source (for example, Google) will be searched.

  3. If it is necessary to view the generated candles graphically, then click the hydra candles button and after that the chart will open:

    hydra candles tf chart
    hydra candles volume chart
  4. The indicators can be added to the chart. To do this, open the context menu by right-clicking on the chart panel, and select the Indicator item. Furthermore, the indicator can be displayed on a separate panel. To do this, it is necessary to add a new panel using the hydra add button, and also select the required indicator from the context menu.

    hydra candles ind chart
  5. The generated candles can be exported to the Excel, xml or txt formats. The export is performed using the drop-down list:

    hydra export