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Source codes

Currently, the S# core is being developed as part of the Open Source community, available as source code, and hosted in the GitHub/StockSharp repository.

Instructions for using GitHub

List of components available with source code:

  • Common classes for creating your own connections.

  • Format of the market data storage.

  • Trading simulator.

  • History simulator (backtester).

  • Indicators (more than 70) of technical analysis.

  • Algorithms for calculating profit-loss, slippage, delay.

  • Algorithms for building candles of any time frame, as well as candles, other than the time (tick, range, etc.).

  • Logging.

  • Import and export.

The source codes of all closed components, as well as ready-made programs, are available upon purchase. For more information about the cost of source codes, see Source Code Cost.

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