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The S# distribution kit includes examples showing how to develop trading programs based on the library.

Description of examples:
SampleChartAn example of working with a chart.
SampleChartActiveOrdersAn example of registering orders from the chart.
SampleChartPerformanceAn example of high performance of chart.
SampleConnectionAn example of connections to various connectors.
SampleConnectionWithStorageAn example of connections to various connectors using historical data.
SampleCurrencyAn example of currency conversion.
SampleLoggingAn example of working with logging.
SampleOptionQuotingAn example of options quoting strategy.
SampleStorageAn example of working with a local data storage.
SampleStrategiesAn example of creating a strategy.
SampleUnitAn example of working with the Unit class.
SampleHistoryTestingAn example of backtesting.
SampleHistoryTestingParallelAn example of parallel backtesting.
SampleRandomEmulationAn example of testing on random data.
SampleRealTimeEmulationAn example of testing on real data.
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