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S# offers several graphical components for displaying logs, which are based on LogControl. Other components: LogWindow, Monitor and MonitorWindow only complement LogControl functionality.

When using the logging visual components, you need to use the GuiLogListenerlogger as a "listener". This logger provides streaming synchronization with the GUI when recording new LogMessage messages.

In order to implement the logging possibility in your own class, you need to implement the ILogReceiverinterface. An easier way is to inherit from the BaseLogReceiverclass, as shown in the Samples\Misc\SampleLoggingGitHub example:

private class TestSource : BaseLogReceiver

private readonly LogManager _logManager = new LogManager();
private readonly TestSource _testSource = new TestSource();

public MainWindow()

    // immediate flush
    _logManager.FlushInterval = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(1);

    // set test log source

    // set .NET Trace system based source
    _logManager.Sources.Add(new StockSharp.Logging.TraceSource());

    // write logs into MainWindow
    _logManager.Listeners.Add(new GuiLogListener(MonitorW));

    // and file logs.txt
    _logManager.Listeners.Add(new FileLogListener
        FileName = "logs",
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