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Order log

If connection supports the request log, then the adapter can transmit it via the ExecutionMessage message:

SendOutMessage(new ExecutionMessage
    ExecutionType = ExecutionTypes.OrderLog, // <- setting the flag that the message contains olive OL
    ServerTime = order.TradeTime,
    SecurityId = order.Symbol.ToStockSharp(section),
    Side = order.Side.ToSide(),
    OrderPrice = (decimal)order.Price,
    OrderType = order.Type.ToOrderType(out var postOnly, out _),
    OrderState = order.Status.ToOrderState(),
    OrderVolume = order.Quantity,
    Balance = (decimal?)(order.Quantity - order.AccumFilled),
    TimeInForce = order.Tif.ToTimeInForce(out var postOnly2),
    AveragePrice = (decimal?)order.AveragePrice,

If support for order book generation from incoming data is required, then the OrderLogMessageAdapter adapter (see Adapters chain for details) will be used for subscriptions that require order book collection from order log data. By default, the OrderLogMarketDepthBuilder algorithm will be used. If this class behavior is not enough, then you need to create your own class that implements the IOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder interface and override the IMessageAdapterCreateOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder(SecurityId): method:

public partial class MyOwnMessageAdapter : MessageAdapter
    // ...

    /// <inheritdoc />
    public IOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder CreateOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder(SecurityId securityId) => new MyOwnOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder();