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S# provides the opportunity to purchase ready-made robots, developed by professional programmers from the S# team or other participants of the S# project. Anyone who wants to join the S# project, who is ready to share knowledge and at the same time earn money, can offer his robot to other market participants or buy a ready-made robot in the store.

To purchase ready-made strategies, or offer your own strategies to other users, S#.Designer has a Strategy Gallery.

The Strategy gallery is a simple and convenient way to acquire or publish strategies. The gallery contains a rich selection of ready-to-trade strategies. By choosing the right strategy, you can immediately run it in the trade, or perform tests on the history. Any user can publish his strategy (Publish own strategy) in the Strategy gallery, specify the strategy price and type of payment (one time, annual, monthly) and earn money, by selling or renting out his (her) strategies.

You can open the Strategy gallery by clicking the Strategy gallery of the Common tab. Or by double-clicking the Strategy gallery folder on the Schemas panel. Opening the Strategy gallery panel automatically opens the Strategy gallery tab:

Designer The gallery of strategies 00

The Strategy gallery tab displays the current balance, which can be used to acquire strategies. After clicking the Fill up balance S#.Designer will redirect you to the page, where you can fill up the balance form a bank card of PayPal.

For quick search on the Strategy gallery tab there are All strategies, Subscribed strategies, Free strategies, Own strategies filters. After clicking the filter button, strategies corresponding to the filter name will remain in the Strategy galleries panel.

In order to get the selected strategy in the Strategy gallery folder on the Schemas panel, select the strategy by clicking it in the Strategy gallery panel. The, click the Subscribe button on the Strategy gallery button. After clicking the Unsubscribe button, the selected strategy disappears from the Strategy gallery folder on the Schemas panel.

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