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The work with a database is performed using SQLite. The database is created at first start of S#.Data and saved (by default) in the

My Documents\StockSharp\Hydra\

Note Note
All settings are in the Hydra.exe.config file that is in the folder from which S#.Data is started.

To change the path of the database saving, it is necessary to edit the following part of the Hydra.exe.config file:

    <!--<add name="SqlServerConStr" connectionString="Server=.\SQLExpress;Database=Trading;User ID=trading;Password=trading;" providerName=""/>-->
    <add name="SQLiteConStr" connectionString="Data Source=%Documents%\StockSharp\Hydra\StockSharp.db" providerName="System.Data.SQLite" />

For example, to replace %Documents%\StockSharp\Hydra\StockSharp.db with C:\StockSharp.db, to save the database in the root of the drive C:\.