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The main element of the S#.Designer user interface is a Ribbon that is located along the top of the application window. Using the ribbon, you can quickly find the necessary commands. The commands are arranged in logical groups, collected on tabs. To go to the required tab, just click its name. Each tab is associated with the type of action being performed.

1. The Common tab, which is opened by default after startup, contains the elements that you might need at the beginning of the work. In the Common tab, you can open Schemas, Logs, Portfolios, Getting started, Strategy gallery, Strategies dashboard, Optimization. Also in the Common tab, you can select the Theme of S#.Designer.

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2. The Backtesting tab is automatically opened when you select a strategy in the Schemas panel. The Backtesting tab contains the basic elements for creating a strategy, debugging, testing strategies. (Strategies, Getting started)

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3. The Live tab is designed directly for real trading. Details of the connection settings are described in the Connections settings section. Real trading using S#.Designer is described in the Live execution section.

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4. The Strategies gallery tab of S#.Designer provides an opportunity not only to create strategies, but also to publish them. Also, it is possible to download ready-made strategies published by other users. Details about the Strategies gallery are described in the Strategy gallery section.

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5. The Source code tab is automatically opened when selecting the contents of the Source code folder in the Schemas panel. For details on creating strategies from the code, see the Using C# section.

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