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The task performs conversion of the exchange data. For example, from Order Log into ticks or from ticks into candles, etc.

hydra tasks converter


  • Converter - converter.
  • Start date - the date from which to start data conversion.
  • Format - the data format.
  • Offset - time offset in days from the task start date.
  • Destination - a directory with data, where the converted data will be stored to.


  • Work from - the operating start time.
  • Work till - the operating stop time.
  • Interval - the operating interval.
  • Data directory - the data directory where the final files will be saved in the S# format.
  • Format - the data format: BIN/CSV.
  • Max errors - the maximum number of errors to achieve that the task will be stopped. By default is 0 – number of errors is ignored.
  • Dependency - the task that must be executed before the current is started.
  • Logging level - the logging level.


  • Parameters - the candles parameters.

Order books

  • Interval - the order books generating interval.
  • Depth - the maximum depth of the order books generating.