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Visual monitoring

For simplifying the monitoring of the work, you can use the special MonitorWindow window. See also Visual logging components.

GUI LogControl

This window allows you to display messages from all ILogSource:

The nesting of sources is showing in the form of a tree. Each parent node contains messages of all nested and so on, until the lowest level. For strategies such hierarchy allows you to see child strategies. For connectors it is also useful in the case of BasketTrader. using. Similarly, the same nesting can be arranged for your own algorithm, implementing the ILogSourceParent property.

MonitorWindow using

  1. First, you need to create a window:

    var monitor = new MonitorWindow();
  2. Then, the created window must be added to your LogManager through the GuiLogListener:

    _logManager.Listeners.Add(new GuiLogListener(monitor));
  3. Thereafter all sources LogManagerSources (strategies, connectors, etc.) will send messages to the MonitorWindow.

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