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To run the test on the history, you shall select a strategy, the scheme of which will be tested on the history. The strategy is selected on the Schemas panel in the strategy folder, by double clicking on the strategy of interest. When you select a strategy for the workspace, a new tab with a strategy appears, when you switch to this tab, the Emulation tab will automatically open in the Ribbon.

Designer Interface Backtesting 00

On the Emulation tab, you can change the strategy name and give it a brief description.

To run the test on the history, on the Emulation tab specify the path to the historical data in the Market Data field and set the testing period. The strategy for testing is started by clicking the Start buttonDesigner Interface Backtesting 01. After starting the strategy for testing, the PauseDesigner Interface Backtesting 02 button, suspending the testing and the StopDesigner Interface Backtesting 03 button, completely stopping the testing, become active. When editing the strategy, the Undo(Ctrl+Z)Designer Interface Backtesting 04, canceling the last action, Redo(Ctrl+Y)Designer Interface Backtesting 05, returning undo, Refresh(Ctrl+R)Designer Interface Backtesting 06, completely updating the scheme, buttons will be useful. Also, from the Emulation tab you can use the Debugger (Debugging) or run strategy Optimization.

The selected strategy tab contains the following panels by default:

  • The Scheme panel, in which the main working process on the strategy and its components design is performed, by combining cubes and connecting lines. The Scheme is described in detail in the Diagram panel section.

  • Panel of information elements, containing the Chart, Orders, Trades, Statistics and other components. You can add required component, selecting it on the Emulation tab in the Components group.

  • The Properties panel by default is fold up on the right side in the strategy tab. On the Properties panel, you can arrange the Emulation general settings. For example, the Market-data storage format can be set to BIN or CSV, depending on the file format of the selected storage. Data type Ticks or Candles. If Ticks is selected, candles will be formed from the Backtesting settings ticks.

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