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Designer Variable 00

The cube is used to store values, pass the previously stored value further along the chain of elements.

Incoming sockets
  • Any data - the value of the selected type, which will be stored instead of the default value.

  • Trigger – the signal that determines the point at which it is necessary to pass the stored value through the output parameter.

Outgoing sockets
  • Any data - the value of the selected type of passed data.

  • Data type - the type of stored data within the variable, the type of the input and output parameters depends on the selected data type.

  • Value - the default value that is stored in the variable. This value is used if no other values were received to the element input.

  • Raise on start - when the checkbox is selected, the value will be passed when the strategy is started.

If the Instrument or Portfolio data type is selected, the default value may be missing. In this case, if the Parameters flag is set in the properties, when the strategy is executed, these data will be taken from the corresponding properties of the strategy.

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