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Connection settings window

ConnectorWindow - a special window for configuring adapters for connecting a connector.

API GUI ConnectorWindow

Here is the connection settings window. From the drop-down list (opens with the '+' button), you need to select the necessary adapters and configure their properties in the properties window located on the right.

This window should be called through the Configure(Connector, Window), extension method, into which the Connector and the parent window are passed. If the configuration is successful, the Configure(Connector, Window) extension method will return 'true'. Below is the code to call the connector connection settings window and save the settings to a file.

private void Setting_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    if (_connector.Configure(this))
        new XmlSerializer<SettingsStorage>().Serialize(_connector.Save(), _connectorFile);
Note Note

The connection correctness can be checked using the Check button.

The result of this window will be to create and add adapters to the list of internal adapters of the ConnectorAdapter property.

For more information about saving and loading connector settings, see Save and load settings.