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The cube is designed to display data on the chart in the Chart. panel. Each element corresponds to one area on the chart and contains a set of properties with which you can define a set of axes on the chart, a set of graphic elements and the parameters of their display. Adding any graphic element is done by pressing the Designer Panel graphics 01 button, deletion by pressing the Designer Panel graphics 02 button. When adding a graphic element (a series of candles, indicator, trades, etc.) in the settings, a special input parameter is created in the cube, through which the data to display will be passed to this cube, and as a result will be displayed in the Chart panel. When you click the Designer Panel graphics 03 button, the child graphic elements or their settings will be opened.

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The Chart panel displays all the data received in the Chart panel cubes. For different series of candles, it is necessary to take different Chart panel cubes. At that, the charts will be placed one above the other, but only the corresponding graphic elements (candle series, indicator, trades, etc.) will be displayed on each one. The example shows that the top chart displays candles, 2 indicators and trades, that corresponds to 4 input parameters of the top cube. Only candles are shown on the bottom chart. For more information about the Chart panel, see Chart section.

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