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Enum ModelChange


An enumeration of the predefined ways in which models may be changed.

public enum ModelChange
Extension Methods


AddedChildNodeKey = 49

Added a node key to the ChildNodeKeys collection property (TreeModel)

AddedFromNodeKey = 37

Added a node key to the FromNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

Added a link data to LinksSource (GraphLinksModel)

AddedMemberNodeKey = 45

Added a node key to the MemberNodeKeys collection property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

AddedNode = 26

Added a node data to NodesSource (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

AddedToNodeKey = 40

Added a node key to the ToNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

ChangedChildNodeKeys = 48

Changed (replaced) the ChildNodeKeys collection property (TreeModel)

ChangedCopyingGroupCopiesMembers = 20

Changed the CopyingGroupCopiesMembers property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedCopyingLinkCopiesLabel = 21

Changed the CopyingLinkCopiesLabel property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedDataFormat = 18

Changed the DataFormat property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedFromNodeKeys = 36

Changed (replaced) the FromNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

ChangedFromNodesPath = 11

Changed the FromNodesPath property (GraphModel)

ChangedGroupNodeKey = 42

Changed the GroupNodeKey property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedGroupNodePath = 5

Changed the GroupNodePath property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedLinkCategory = 52

Changed the value of the Category for a link data (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkCategoryPath = 16

Changed the LinkCategoryPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkFromParameterPath = 14

Changed the LinkFromParameterPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkFromPath = 9

Changed the LinkFromPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkFromPort = 33

Changed the LinkFromPort property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkGroupNodeKey = 43

Changed the LinkGroupKey property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkLabelKey = 35

Changed the LinkLabelKey property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkLabelNodePath = 13

Changed the LinkLabelNodePath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkToParameterPath = 15

Changed the LinkToParameterPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkToPath = 10

Changed the LinkToPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinkToPort = 34

Changed the LinkToPort property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedLinksSource = 8

Changed (replaced) the LinksSource collection property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedMemberNodeKeys = 44

Changed (replaced) the MemberNodeKeys collection property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedMemberNodesPath = 6

Changed the MemberNodesPath property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedModifiable = 19

Changed the Modifiable property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedName = 17

Changed the Name property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedNodeCategory = 51

Changed the value of the Category for a node data (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedNodeCategoryPath = 3

Changed the NodeCategoryPath property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedNodeIsGroupPath = 4

Changed the NodeIsGroupPath property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedNodeIsLinkLabelPath = 7

Changed the NodeIsLinkLabelPath property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedNodeKey = 29

Changed the node key for a node data (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedNodeKeyPath = 2

Changed the NodeKeyPath property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedNodesSource = 1

Changed (replaced) the NodesSource collection property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ChangedParentNodeKey = 47

Changed the ParentNodeKey property (TreeModel)

ChangedRemovingGroupRemovesMembers = 22

Changed the RemovingGroupRemovesMembers property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

ChangedRemovingLinkRemovesLabel = 23

Changed the RemovingLinkRemovesLabel property (GraphLinksModel)

ChangedToNodeKeys = 39

Changed (replaced) the ToNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

ChangedToNodesPath = 12

Changed the ToNodesPath property (GraphModel)

ChangedValidCycle = 24

Changed the ValidCycle property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

Changed the ValidUnconnectedLinks property (GraphLinksModel)

ClearedUndoManager = -22

Cleared the contents of the UndoManager (for all models).

CommittedTransaction = -2

Committed the changes for a transaction.

FinishedRedo = -14

Finished a redo operation.

FinishedUndo = -13

Finished an undo operation.

InvalidateRelationships = -20

Changed the shape or bounds of a node or one or more of its ports (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

None = -100

A transient data change that should not be considered a change to the model; such changes are ignored by the UndoManager and by the Diagram.

Property = 0

Changes to data properties and extended model properties, and other non-predefined property changes

RemovedChildNodeKey = 50

Removed a node key from the ChildNodeKeys collection property (TreeModel)

RemovedFromNodeKey = 38

Removed a node key from the FromNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

Removed a link data from LinksSource (GraphLinksModel)

RemovedMemberNodeKey = 46

Removed a node key from the MemberNodeKeys collection property (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel)

RemovedNode = 28

Removed a node data from NodesSource (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

RemovedToNodeKey = 41

Removed a node key from the ToNodeKeys collection property (GraphModel)

About to remove a link data from LinksSource (GraphLinksModel)

RemovingNode = 27

About to remove a node data from NodesSource (GraphLinksModel, GraphModel, TreeModel)

ReplacedReference = -21

(for internal use)

RolledBackTransaction = -3

Rolled back the changes of a transaction and aborted it.

StartedTransaction = -1

Started a transaction.

StartingRedo = -5

Starting a redo operation.

StartingUndo = -4

Starting an undo operation.