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Currency converter

To work with multi-currency algorithms, it is necessary to use the Currency. The S# provides mechanism for currency conversion from one to another. In the SampleCurrency example in the distribution kit, calculator for conversion of any currencies is presented.

Currency conversion example

  1. Below see the partial code from SampleCurrency, converting from one currency to another:

    var currency = new Currency
        Type = (CurrencyTypes)this.SourceCurrencyType.GetSelectedValue<CurrencyTypes>(),
        Value = this.Amount.Text.To<decimal>(),
    // doing the conversation
    this.Result.Content = currency.Convert((CurrencyTypes)this.TargetCurrencyType.GetSelectedValue<CurrencyTypes>()).Value;
  2. The following shall be written to find out the conversion rate:

    // Euro into USD
    var rate = CurrencyTypes.EUR.Convert(CurrencyTypes.USD);
  3. Additionally, the S# provides ability to find out the conversion rate history:

    // Euro into USD (prev day)
    var rate = CurrencyTypes.EUR.Convert(CurrencyTypes.USD, DateTime.Today - TimeSpan.FromDays(1));
  4. Here is an example of currency conversion:

    Currency conversion.