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The application main menu item Additional => Settings....

It allows to setup S#.Data to work in server mode. To open the window with S#.Data settings it is necessary to click Additional in the main menu, and to select Settings in the drop-down menu.

Окно настроек.

S#.Data Server

  • Server mode - switch S#.Data to the server mode.
  • Authorization - authorization method to access S#.Data: Anonymous/Windows/User/StockSharp.
  • Max securities - the maximum number of the instruments that can be requested from the server.


  • Auto-start - the quotes auto downloading at start.
  • Tray icon - to minimize to tray.
  • Auto-stop - to stop the work at specified time.
  • Auto-stop delay - the time for the auto-stop option.
  • Errors (quantity) - the number of errors after reaching that an email with an error message will be sent. A value of 0 means off mode.
  • Errors (email) - the e-mail address, to which a message about exceeding the maximum number of errors will be sent.

Если установить Авторизацию отличную от Анонимно, на вкладке Общее появится кнопка Пользователи, после нажатия на которую появляется окно Пользователи

hydra users

В левой части окна можно добавить нового пользователя, а в правой установить для него права доступа.