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Common settings

The application main menu item Additional => Settings....

It allows to setup S#.Data to work in server mode. To open the window with S#.Data settings it is necessary to click Additional in the main menu, and to select Settings in the drop-down menu.

Окно настроек.

S#.Data Server

  • Server mode - switch S#.Data to the server mode.
  • Authorization - authorization method to access S#.Data: Anonymous/Windows/User/StockSharp.
  • Max securities - the maximum number of the instruments that can be requested from the server.


  • Auto-start - the quotes auto downloading at start.
  • Tray icon - to minimize to tray.
  • Auto-stop - to stop the work at specified time.
  • Auto-stop delay - the time for the auto-stop option.
  • Errors (quantity) - the number of errors after reaching that an email with an error message will be sent. A value of 0 means off mode.
  • Errors (email) - the e-mail address, to which a message about exceeding the maximum number of errors will be sent.