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Delta hedging

If you want to protect positions by option strategies (for example, as Volatility trading), you can use the DeltaHedgeStrategy.

Delta hedging

  1. As a demonstration of the DeltaHedgeStrategy work the SampleOptionQuoting example is modified (for details see Volatility trading).

  2. The VolatilityQuotingStrategy strategy itself does not start, but instead it is packed in the BasketStrategy, from which the strategy start method is called:

    var basket = new BasketStrategy(BasketStrategyFinishModes.All);
    // starting quoting

    The DeltaHedgeStrategy takes the parental strategy that contains child strategies working separately on their strike. Thus DeltaHedgeStrategy controls the total position of all option strategies. As an example works with only one strike and therefore with one option strategy, this strategy has been packed in the special strategies “basket” - BasketStrategy. BasketStrategy does not contain trading logic and is made to create the strategies hierarchy, which is needed by DeltaHedgeStrategy.

  3. After baskets for quoting creating, you must create and start the delta hedging:

    // initializing delta-hedge strategy
    var hedge = new DeltaHedgeStrategy(basket)
        Security = option.GetUnderlyingAsset(),
        Portfolio = this.Portfolio.SelectedPortfolio,
        Trader = _trader,
    // starting delta hedge
  4. Completing the delta hedging: