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First start

At first start you will see the following window:

Главное окно.
  1. At first, add the data sources. To do this, from the main application menu select File => Add Sources... or click the Sources button.

    hydra source add

    In the opened window select the required sources. You can use filters by: the region, the electronic board, the data type, the free or paid, real-time or not. When the choice is finished click OK button. After that, the sources are added to the left panel of the main application window

  2. You can create multiple instances of one source. For example, several instances of Finam, which will save the downloaded data to different folders. This can be done as well as during the initial addition, from the menu File => Add Source or by the clicking the Add Source button. Unnecessary sources can be removed by clicking the hydra delete button.

  3. The next step is the source setting up. To do this, click the hydra edit button. For more details see the Sources setting up section.

  4. In order to the source begins to download data after clicking the Start button, it must be turned on. To do this, select the source icon in the left panel and use the hydra source on off button to turn on or off. This operation can be performed before or after the adding of instruments for downloading, which is described below.

  5. Then, add the instruments. To do this, double-click on the source icon. This opens the window shown in the following figure.

    hydra source first

    Then click the hydra add button. For more details see the Instrument list section.

  6. The panel with buttons to work with the instruments is located at the bottom of the source window. You can do the following steps with the selected instrument:

    • To edit with the hydra edit button.

    • To delete with the hydra delete button.

    • To set up the volume of downloaded information with buttons: Ticks, Order books, Candles, Order log, Level 1, Own transactions.

    Note Note

    Please, note. For the getting information on the order books, orders log, level 1, own transactions, the connector must be connected in real time.

  7. When all the settings will be applied and the instruments will be selected, then you can click the Старт button in the main window. This will launch active sources and they will start to download the data. The process of work can be seen in a special window, which can be opened from the Logs => Graphical monitoring menu. Also logs are stored in files in the local directory.

    hydra main start